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Love Hate Parallel started its journey in Adelaide, South Australia 2015, under the vision of the creative director Henata Alves.


Our brand aesthetic embraces minimalistic designs, with bold pops of colours, sharp details with a take on both worlds of high fashion and sports, which are the designer's true personal passions.

One of the best things about Love Hate Parallel is that our designs are made to be loved for years, mix-and-matched from day to night, and remind you that you are unique in this world. You will never run out of stylish outfit combinations in this 21st century on-the-go lifestyle.

We strive to have quality in everything we do from our creative process to production. Did you know 80% of our products are proudly made in Australia? This is so amazing we are able to produce in house and help the local economy.


We're so glad you're here! Now check out our amazing collections. They will make you feel something!


Love from our team.

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We believe that a wardrobe should be beautiful yet reflects the thoughtfulness and originality that you apply to all areas of your life and moods.

We really appreciate sustainability at Love Hate Parallel. We design clothing to have a long and valuable life, we produce and distribute everything thoughtfully to make sure we eliminate unnecessary waste, and work with one seasoned factory and local labour to ensure ethical practices and the highest quality items, as well as supporting the local economy by hiring local model agencies, hair and makeup artists and photographers.

No inventory means no waste

Fast fashion’s low price points and constant stream of new items means people are buying more pieces - therefore getting rid of them - more frequently. One of the main environmental issues in retail is that large quantities of unsold inventory often ends up in landfills.

We eliminate this catastrophic problem by producing most orders on demand.

Beyond the environmental benefits, on-demand production makes good business sense by only producing what’s needed, we can pour more resources into creating the best possible pieces and avoid the limitations of the traditional seasonal calendar that most of the fashion world subscribes to. We can offer you what you want, when you want it and we believe the best way to avoid these problems is to create clothing that you’ll love for years to come.

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