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 The Brand

Love Hate Parallel is a high end fashion brand based in Adelaide, South Australia since 2015 under the vision of the creative director Henata Alves.

Our label aesthetic embraces sharp tailoring, cool sexy femininity to suit the 21st century on-the-go lifestyle.

When we design we think of its longevity, the richness in details and how versatile it is.  Timeless-Classic pieces with edginess in it, translated in a true mix-and-match from day to night. 
We strive to have quality in everything we do from our creative process to production.
95%  of our products are proudly made in Australia.

The Creator

Born and raised in São Paulo Henata Alves moved to Japan  for six years to experience different culture & lifestyle after graduating  from University Anhembi Morumbi in BA fashion business.
She also lived in London for two years where she studied branding at Central Saint Martins. Back in her hometown she achieved her Masters degree in surface design.
She worked in the fashion industry overseas for eight years and collaborated with local brands before moving to South Australia in 2014 and starting her own brand in October 2015.

"I've always loved art and creating my own stuff, I would spend hours cutting, shaping, reshaping fabrics.  My earliest memory is watching my dad drawing horses. I was fascinated by his drawings, and I just wanted to be as good as him. I started drawing things from the heart, like faces , all types of them: sad, crying, happy, emotional and tear drop techniques to see how layers and shades worked. The wake up call happened when I bumped into mum's 70's green and brown sweater. She owned that piece for over 25 years and they would still look incredibly beautiful! She wore it at her first family portrait. It felt so special and unique wearing something that had a history and meant something for her.  From that moment fashion meant something else, not just a brand or a seasonal collection. I knew I wanted to come up with something that lasted long, had an emotional value and could be passed through generations.
I want my designs mean something to my clients, I want them feel beautiful, comfortable and more importantly, I want fashion to be part of their lives and memories, not just another piece you wear for one season, but a story to be continued.

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We believe that a wardrobe should be beautiful yet reflects the thoughtfulness and originality that you apply to all areas of your life and moods.

We really appreciate sustainability at Love Hate Parallel. We design clothing to have a long and valuable life, we produce and distribute everything thoughtfully to make sure we eliminate unnecessary waste, and work with one seasoned factory and local labour to ensure ethical practices and the highest quality items, as well as supporting the local economy by hiring local model agencies, hair and makeup artists and photographers.

No inventory means no waste

Fast fashion’s low price points and constant stream of new items means people are buying more pieces - therefore getting rid of them - more frequently. One of the main environmental issues in retail is that large quantities of unsold inventory often ends up in landfills.

We eliminate this catastrophic problem by producing most orders on demand.

Beyond the environmental benefits, on-demand production makes good business sense by only producing what’s needed, we can pour more resources into creating the best possible pieces and avoid the limitations of the traditional seasonal calendar that most of the fashion world subscribes to. We can offer you what you want, when you want it and we believe the best way to avoid these problems is to create clothing that you’ll love for years to come.

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